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    PURItech Heavy Goods Vehicle Systems
    Self Cleaning Diesel Particulate Filters Guarantee:

    • Unlimited access to all European Low Emission Zones
    • No increase in fuel consumption
    • Approved and released by Mercedes Benz
    • Long maintenance intervals - even after multiple filter cleans

    PURItech ON-Road Systems
    The Appropriate System for Any Task

    Installing a retrofit PURItech filter system will give you free access to the LEZ and all other European Low Emission Zones.

    PURItech has a number of different products for passenger carrying vehicles. The system we recommend will vary depending on the general usage of your vehicle.

    DPFN System
    The DPFN system is a self-regenerating particulate trap that nearly eliminates Diesel particles and simultaneously reduces NOx emissions. The DPFN system is designed for vehicles which operate a medium to high-power regime and is ideally suited to vehicles that travel continuous long distances.

    DPFN+ System
    The DPFN+ System is a self-regenerating particulate trap with catalytic pre-filter. This design enable the system to regenerate the soot that occurs with lower exhaust gas temperatures usually found in urban or extra urban traffic conditions.

    DPFN++ System
    The DPFN++ System is a self-regenerating particulate trap with HC-Dosing. This system was designed for vehicles with very low exhaust gas temperature profiles that operate in a continuous stop-start environment. The active active regeneration employs a nozzle in front of the pre-filter where Diesel fuel is injected. The fuel combusts over the pre-filter increasing the exhaust temperature which allows the accumulated particles to regenerate.

    For further information please visit our downloads section.


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