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    PURItech Heavy Goods Vehicle Systems
    Self Cleaning Diesel Particulate Filters Guarantee:

    • Unlimited access to all European Low Emission Zones
    • No increase in fuel consumption
    • Approved and released by Mercedes Benz
    • Long maintenance intervals - even after multiple filter cleans

    PURItech ON-Road Systems
    The Appropriate System for Any Task

    Developed by PURItech our retrofit diesel particulate filter solutions are precisely tailored to the needs of Heavy Goods Vehicle users.

    All our filters meet the regulatory requirements of the Low Emission Zone and are customised into specific product offerings suitable for different types of on road use.

    Our recommended products for Heavy Goods Vehicles are the DPFN, DPFN+ and DPFN++ systems.

    To view all the technical information relating to each system please visit our downloads section.

    DPFN System
    The DPFN system is a self-regenerating particulate trap that nearly eliminates Diesel particles and simultaneously reduces NOx emissions. The DPFN system is designed for vehicles which operate a medium to high-power regime and is ideally suited to vehicles that travel continuous long distances.

    DPFN+ System
    The DPFN+ System is a self-regenerating particulate trap with catalytic pre-filter. This design enable the system to regenerate the soot that occurs with lower exhaust gas temperatures usually found in urban or extra urban traffic conditions. This system is ideal for long to medium distance light load journeys. This system is also suitable for regional distribution traffic, city traffic with little or no stop start and engine idling and construction traffic with high engine load and short engine idle times.

    DPFN++ System
    The DPFN++ System is a self-regenerating particulate trap with HC-Dosing. This system was designed for vehicles with very low exhaust gas temperature profiles that operate in a continuous stop-start environment. The active active regeneration employs a nozzle in front of the pre-filter where Diesel fuel is injected. The fuel combusts over the pre-filter increasing the exhaust temperature which allows the accumulated particles to regenerate. DPFN++. This system is ideal for city and urban traffic with stop start journeys and long engine idle times. It is also suitable for Council / Municipal vehicles such as Bin Lorries and Road Sweepers. The DPFN++ system is also suitable for retail / delivery vehicles and food distribution vans.


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